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How To Prove You Are Ready For That Promotion | Lisa Villaume

What You Missed At Lisa Villaume

Let's take some time to catch up on what you missed in March and get you one step closer to achieving your dream life. From saving for a summer holiday to the must read books for professional women, there are some amazing tips that…

April 4, 2017
How To Prove You Are Ready For That Promotion | Lisa Villaume

How To Prove You’re Ready For That Promotion

You’ve put in the time, gone beyond what’s expected of you and you constantly show up. But that’s not all you need to do prove you are ready for that promotion. Read on as I share my success formula to prove you are ready…

March 9, 2017

How To Land Your Dream Job In 5 Simple Steps

Landing your dream job is as simple or as difficult as we decide it to be. You can feel afraid of changing into a new job because you don’t know what to do or you can be bold and take action. Follow these 5…

February 23, 2017
12 Professional Habits Every 20 Something Should Have

12 Professional Habits To Have In Your 20’s

Creating professional habits early in your career will get you that one step closer to achieving your career goals. Even if you are starting fresh in a new industry, these 12 professional habits are a solid foundation to establish in your 20's. …

February 16, 2017

Steal My 4 Secrets To Get A Promotion At Work

Feeling like you are suffocating in your career? Work takes up nearly half our waking lives and being in a job where your contribution isn't recognised or rewarded can be soul destroying. Here are 4 secrets to get a promotion at work you have…

December 20, 2016