My Story

I’m Lisa Villaume and when I started this blog in August 2015, I had one goal in mind….

To provide career-minded women with the tools to succeed in their chosen field all while looking and feeling great.
When it comes to building a successful career you love to wake up for on Monday mornings, I’ve got you covered:

  • I have 18 years of experience as a Brand and Marketing strategist and I’ve led multi-million dollar world-wide campaigns for companies in Australia, France, Japan and the United Kingdom.
  • I’ve been featured on MCV, The Sydney Morning Herald and recently won FaceBooks Advertising Campaign of the Year in 2015.
  • The brands I launch regularly achieve international awareness and become top-10 selling products.

I love to read about how business people navigate their careers and goals in life, always looking for that edge to get me to the next level. This is how started so I could share what I’ve learned during my 16+ years in marketing so that others can leap-frog their way to career success. is the place to be for professional millennial women who aspires to be the best version of themselves by sharing real life stories of those pursuing their dreams.

It’s a place where real women who want  a successful career and a healthy body can learn that they can have it all whilst and looking fabulous.

When I’m not working on the next product launch or brand campaign you can find me hiking a mountain, reading a trashy fantasy romance novel, learning about minimalism or updating my capsule wardrobe lusting. Who doesn’t want a wardrobe like Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook?

If you’ve just GOT to know more, read on.

1/ I’m 50% Australian and 50% English but 100% outdoors lover.

2/ I loved to rollar skate as a child and have far too many embarrassing photos of me wearing hot pink sequenced leotards. Don’t judge.

3/ I am obsessed with almost every HBO show and devour every spoiler I can find. Just ask me about my Game Of Thrones theories.

4/ I love me a good podcast, my favourites at the moment are The Jess Lively Show and The Minimalists

5/ I love the fantasy world with elves and magic and can often be found curled up on the lounge reading a fantasy romance novel.

6/ Travelling and exploring new countries is pure heaven to me. Each December I plan out my holidays for the whole next year and book it in.

I’m living proof that following your crazy ideas of travelling the world doing what you love can become a reality.

For my friends, family, mentors and  amazing husband, I’m eternally grateful for their support and love. I’m most grateful for you, the reader for taking the time to stop by and read an article or two.

If you want to get in touch, contribute or share your real life career lessons, please contact me here. I’d love to hear from you.

To your success,

Founder and Editor-in-Chief
  • Julie V.

    Hi Lisa,
    It’s a pretty great idea and interesting of course ! A french girl reads you 😉

  • Took the liberty to forward your URL to my daughter and son in-law. She a senior director DNP Nurse with Care First BC/BS and he a Dept. of State world traveler. As for me, Blogging 101 – http:\

    Great info on your blog.

  • Heath greenland

    It’s lovely to see that some in a top position has the time to share the experiences that you have gained with the world. And freely as well! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all of us out there!