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4 Examples of Bullet Journal Pages to Inspire You

January 26, 2018
4 Examples Of Bullet Journal Pages To Inspire You

Today, I’m talking all about four of my favorite Bullet Journal pages to inspire you. Which ones work for me and which spreads I’ve found the best.

Bullet Journalling is something I’ve been practising for about two years now after watching Ryder Carroll YouTube video. If you are new to the concept of Bullet Journal, stop reading and take a few minutes to watch the below video. I’m sure you will be just as inspired as I was!

During the two years that I have been Bullet Journalling its been a love and hate relationship.

Love it because it keeps me organised and on-track to achieving my goals.

Hate it, because I was over scheduling myself which made me feel stressed out and it can be time-consuming if you want it to be beautiful with elaborate decorations.

There are some very talented bullet journalers out there like Boho Berry that have beautiful pages in their journals that must take hours to create. I’ve tried to be creative like this but I’ve come to realise I like simple.

I like simple and I like straightforward.

If you like elaborate designs and beautiful hand drawings, then this post is not for you.

I’m all for functionality and a simple approach when it comes to my Bullet Journal. After two years of working on the pages I use the most and after reading The 365 Bullet Guide by Zennor Compton, I’ve narrowed down the pages to my top 5 that I use the most. Here are 5 examples of bullet journal pages to inspire you. Please note that some information has been blurred out for privacy.

90-Day Planner

4 Examples Of Bullet Journal Pages To Inspire You

The 90-Day Planner is a snapshot of what needs to be done in the next three months to achieve my annual goals and my of my favorite Bullet Journal pages.

Why 90-Days? Anyone can commit to a goal for 90-days!

After successfully completing the Tone It Up fitness challenges (most of these challenges focus on a twelve-week cycle) I know that I can commit to working hard for three months.

It’s not too long, I won’t get distracted, bored or overwhelmed. I tend to lose interest or focus if something seems like its going to take forever. 90 days is also perfect because the end doesn’t seem too far away and if I slip up, there is still time to refocus and recommit.

In this page, I have my three yearly goals at the top then have broken down the rest of the page in four quadrants for the four quarters in the year.

Inside each quarter are two goals only. One personal and one business related. I found that if there are more than two major goals in a quarter to focus on, I get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, so I just focus on two goals only.

I share more about the 90-Day plan in the video, have a watch and give me a big thumbs up if you like it. Thankyou!

Future Log

4 Examples Of Bullet Journal Pages To Inspire You

This is a page that Ryder Caroll uses in his Bullet Journal for jotting down anything that needs to be done at a later date. It shows all months of the upcoming year at once glance. It is used for jotting down any upcoming events (like holidays, events, launches, birthdays etc). Each page has six boxes, and there is a box for each month. Again, I like simple and this is about as simple as it gets when it comes to bullet journal pages.

Content Calendar

4 Examples Of Bullet Journal Pages To Inspire You

For blogging, these pages make my life much easier. For the month, there is a single page that has the day and date on the left side. Then a single line for each day where I write the corresponding blog post. A huge shout out to the lovely Anna at The Anna Edit for this layout as it has become one of my most used bullet journal pages. She shared it in a blog post last year and its worked like a dream for me.

Weekly Planner

4 Examples Of Bullet Journal Pages To Inspire You

This is a two-page spread with a list of tasks on the left page, then a weekly planner on the right. This spread gives me a super clear overview of the week and I can immediately see if I have too much on one day to get down. With a toddler crawling around the house, I need to make the most of day-time naps in order to keep my business running. I try to schedule only 1-3 tasks per day that will move me closer to my annual goals.

What are some of your favourite pages for Bullet Journalling? Leave me a comment in the section below as I would love to know!

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