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How To Create A Work Capsule Wardrobe

January 19, 2018

With the new year here I thought I would cover how to make a work capsule wardrobe. If you are new to capsule wardrobes and want to know what the heck they are, read this basic guide How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe.

Creating a work capsule wardrobe is super easy once you get the hang of it.

Each time the seasons change, I look forward to getting out my planner and reviewing what I loved from the previous season’s work capsule wardrobe, what outfit formula’s I wore the most and planning how to mix up my current work capsule wardrobe.

I really get a buzz out of creating beautiful outfit formula’s that suit my lifestyle and also my body shape. So today, I thought I would share with you the process I use to create a work capsule wardrobe. To help make this process simple, download my FREE Work Capsule wardrobe Planner and get planning!

Gather inspiration. The first step in creating your own unique work capsule wardrobe is to gather inspiration. Now that Instagram has Collections, I use it to save anything and everything. I have a whole bunch of photos saved in a collection of outfits I like and different styles to try. A few Instagramers I love to follow are The Anna Edit, Rach Parcell, J’s Everyday Fashion, Mara Ferreira, and Olivia Jeanette.

Another great option is to create an inspiration board on Pinterest and pin your heart out with the colors you like, and any outfits that tickle your fancy. I have a board for Casual Office Outfits where I keep all the gorgeous outfits that inspire me. 

Create your perfect outfit formula. This step is all about finding out what you feel beautiful in, what shapes of clothes suit your body and what is appropriate for your office. What style do you normally lean towards? Are pencil skirts your vibe or do you love a flowing a-line? Do you love spaghetti strap tops or capped sleeves?
























Write down the different types of pieces you love and tend to lean towards. You will start to see a pattern emerge.

When I did this activity from reading The Curated Closet, I really had an aha moment. I discovered that A-line skirts were my jam and pencil skirts were a no-no.

After having Zachary, my body shape changed and pencil skirts didn’t suit my new found curves. I found that A-line skirts suited my mom figure much better as they drew attention to my waistline and darker tops balanced out a heavier top.


Identify items from your wardrobe that have dual purposes. Now, take a look at your wardrobe. What pieces are appropriate for work time? Do you have a dress that can be styled for work and for the weekend? What about a plain white blouse? That always looks great with denim shorts on the weekend. Before going out and buying any new pieces, embrace a smaller wardrobe and identify what you currently have in your wardrobe that can also be used for work time. 

Set your budget and make a list of any missing pieces. On page five in the Work Capsule Wardrobe Planner, there is a section about setting your budget. Select a dollar amount that you are willing to spend and can comfortably part with. This will be your budget to work within. Use this amount and don’t spend over it. When you were identifying any pieces that have dual purposes, did you notice anything that was missing? Do you need a blazer for business meetings or a white blouse? Put those on a list. I’m currently in need of a large good black handbag that can also be used as a diaper bag. I’m eyeing off a Ted Baker number at the moment. If you have suggestions, leave me a comment below.

Go Shopping. This is the fun part! Now you have a clear idea of what you need to complete your work capsule wardrobe, you know what needs to purchased and what doesn’t. When shopping only look for these specific pieces and discard the rest.

Happy planning!

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