3 Ways To Make Christmas Simpler

November 30, 2017
3 Ways To Make Christmas Simpler |

How can we make Christmas simpler?

A calendar packed with functions, concerts and parties, a never-ending to-do list and an overflowing pile of purchase orders to raise. It can get overwhelming preparing for Christmas, know what I mean?

When the holiday season approaches, it usually means chaos; utter chaos. Shopping for the office Secret Santa, attending function after function and juggling a hectic schedule at work can be overwhelming.

Is it possible to do less, buy less and even work less and still have a happy and beautiful holiday season?

Five years ago, my perspective on the holiday season changed forever. I moved from Paris to London, money was really tight and I was separated from my husband due to visa complications.

During that Christmas, it was lonely.

I was in a new country without friends or family and have NEVER felt more alone. But what that simple and lonely Christmas taught me was to love people, not things.

No amount of presents under the Christmas tree could make up for laughing at the dinner table enjoying a roast dinner with my husband or laughing at my Dad’s jokes. Being separated from family during the holidays taught me a thing or two and today I would like to share 3 ways to simplify Christmas.

3 Ways To Make Christmas Simpler |

Cherish experiences not possessions

Growing up as a child, I always wanted the newest toy, the latest video game or the newest shoes that were in fashion. When Christmas came, I would eagerly wait to open my presents then after that mad minute of tearing off the wrapping paper, I was always felt empty. It wasn’t until much, much later as an adult that I understood this feeling of emptiness.

I realised that having lots of stuff didn’t make me happy.

What made me happy was spending time with loved ones; it brings me so much joy to be with them. Time at the Christmas table with my family laughing, remembering stories from growing up and laughing at my Dad’s jokes made me feel more loved than any toy.

The gift of giving doesn’t always have to be material items; it can be spending time together and sharing a beautiful experience.

Make Christmas simpler this year and don’t feel that you have to give a material gift. Try creating a magical Christmas day and enjoying time with your family or giving an experience, like a hot air balloon ride.

Possessions are nice, but experiences last a lifetime.

3 Ways To Make Christmas Simpler |

Donate your unwanted items

The holiday season can often be the hardest time of the year; not everyone will have warm clothes during the winter.

Since returning to Australia, I hardly need wooden scarfs to keep me warm when walking to the tube. Mr V and I recently donated most of our clothes knowing that someone else will benefit from our unworn and old clothes. Knowing that they can help someone makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Donating your unwanted items, particularly clothes will leave you with only the clothes that you love. Someone else will benefit from your generosity. If you don’t know how to reduce your clothes, this article on how to create a capsule wardrobe is a solid starting point to simplify Christmas.

Spend less. Do less.

One of the biggest stresses at Christmas time is finances.

Giving yourself permission to spend less and do less—like skipping the multiple Christmas drinks or the expensive holiday card —will leave you with more mental and emotional capacity to really soak in the season.

If you want a truly happy holiday season, consider how you cultivate experiences this year, rather than just buying gifts which will likely end up in the goodwill pile in a few months.

Consider focusing on time with your family, making a donation and appreciating what you have by being happy from the inside out.

What tips do you have for simplifying Christmas? Leave a comment below as I’m always looking for ways to do less and enjoy more.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by x

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