How To Talk About Your Pregnancy And Maternity Leave At Work

November 9, 2017
How to talk about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work |

You have just found out you are pregnant and now the big question is how to talk about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work? The good news? You have nine months to plan!

When it comes to talking about maternity leave, its best to have a solid plan and know your entitlements when you make the big announcement. And honesty is always the best policy.

When I first found out I was pregnant, besides for being over the moon with the news, I was really worried about how the company I was working for would take the news. Would I still have a job to come back to? The same one that I loved or would it change when I am away? Would I be able to cope with the workload when I returned and also a newborn?

I spent many long nights in the first three months worrying over the details, but it was all in vain. They took the news really well and were happy for me!

So how do you talk about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work?

How to talk about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work |

Find out about your entitlements. First up is to find out your maternity rights and benefits. What are the government policy and your employer’s policy? Hit your government website up and find out what your statutory rights are, some governments pay four weeks full pay then a smaller allowance for weeks 5-52. In some countries, you can have paternity leave where the father can take the leave instead of the mother. For us, I took the first four months off then I transferred the remainder of my leave to Mr.V so we both had those special early months with Zachary.

Share the big news. Sharing the big news is such a special moment and honesty is the best policy. Once I had the three-month scan, shared the news with our family, I told the company I was working for. By that time I had already done all the research and knew about the maternity leave policy and had some time to also start planning my maternity leave plan.

How to talk about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work |

While I’m Away Plan. Nothing says being professional and reliable than creating a while I’m away plan, particularly if you manage a team and your absence will have an effect on the profitability. There are many ways your responsibilities can be covered while you are enjoying the milk cuddles. Creating 3-4 different options for your leave shows that you have thought things through. An option could be that your responsibilities are shared among your team, which gives this remembers an opportunity to learn new skills, other could be hiring someone to cover the time you are away or even hiring an assistant.

Returning To Work. Believe me, you can guess as much as you want on this one, but you really won’t know until you have had your little one when you will be ready to return to work. The first 8 weeks there won’t be much time to even think of anything other than caring for your little one and eating, much less washing your hair or the return to work. After the first 8 weeks, check in with your manager, tell them about your little and see how things are going. By then, hopefully, you will have a rough idea when you will be able to return to work. Each birth is different, so don’t put any pressure on your self during the first few months, you gave birth and that’s pretty awesome!

How to talk about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work |

When it comes to talking about your pregnancy and maternity leave at work, be prepared when you share the big news. Know your entitlements, create a while I’m away plan and also have a rough idea of when you will return to work. Keep in mind, that after you have your little one, everything will be different, your whole world will be upside down, so be kind on yourself.

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