How To Find Your Decor Style

November 2, 2017
How To Find Your Decor Style | Lisa Villaume

When you have boxes galore to unpack and a baby to look after finding your decor style can seem like a mammoth task. And that is exactly how I felt when we moved into our terrace a month ago; it was a huge task ahead of me. I had this blank canvas to start from and a storage unit full of stuff that was long forgotten and likely damaged. We are in a space that is ginormous compared to my tiny London apartment and I needed to find a decor style that was functional for a baby-friendly zone and still looked stylish.

A few of the things I was desperate to have was my own space to work and create. What was really important was to use as many items from storage as I could, and not spend a fortune on new items. Because I can stare at Zara Home and West Elm for hours at the dreamy decor.

The challenge was that all the items from storage were very dated. The furniture was from our early twenties, all chocolate brown (gagging at that colour now) and not really, that dreamy, light and bright look I was after.So I thought I’d share my plan on how to find your decor style as this is how I am tackling decorating and in particular my office. My own little space where I can have brass accents galore as Mr.V vetoed them in our home! ha!

Choose a Color Palette

When starting any new project, whether its a new branding campaign or decorating my home, the first place I start is a color palette and a vision board. At the moment I’m digging, white, marble, green and brass. Pinterest is a great starting place to start looking for colour palettes as there are literally thousands of different ones to choose from, just type in your favourite colors and Pin your heart out.

Research Online

Before making any big decisions about key purchases, such as a desk or a chair, do your research online. Its easier for a start! Make a cup of tea, curl up on the sofa and start researching and pinning what you like. Here’s my Workspace and Office inspiration on Pinterest. Sometimes the first item you find may not be the best or could be outside of your budget. This will give you a good idea of what style you like and where to make investment purchases versus cheaper decisions. If you aren’t sure about a West Elm chair but K-Mart has a similar style, go with the K-Mart version and save yourself a penny.

Refurb What You Can

I have an old Freedom desk in storage, that is… you guessed it… brown. It is in good condition and rather spacious, but in need of a bit of sprucing. So I headed to our local Bunnings and the staff there were unbelievably helpful in helping me figure out how to change the colour considering its laminate. They got me all sorted with the correct paint and tools, and over the next few days, I’m planning to sand and paint it white. 

Don’t Shop Without a Plan

Walking into Freedom or Domayne can be lethal if you have no plan. There are so many pretty lamps, pots, and desk accessories it can be easy to walk out with a lot of stuff but no real cohesive look.

I started with, a list of the things I wanted to include, such as a white and gold lamp, something marble and accents in green. Once I had outlined what could be refurbished, it was easy to fill the gaps. A sofa lounge has been ordered from Domayne in a dark grey houndstooth. Just can’t wait for it to be delivered in a few weeks time.

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  • Dionndra Kinsey

    Love this discussion Lisa. I have been working at designing my home based on my mood and what I want it to feel like. Using my intuition and researching. This article really hit home for me and I feel I am in the right place. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work!!!!