Tips For Embracing a Smaller Wardrobe

October 25, 2017

If you are struggling with making your own capsule wardrobe or just can’t seem to grasp the benefits, here are four major benefits I’m digging about a smaller wardrobe right now.

I’ve mentioned before how fond of capsule wardrobes I am, but it wasn’t until reading The Curated Closet by Anushka Reese, that I really feel in love with capsule wardrobes. The lesson she teaches about color palettes, with selecting three primary colors and accents, its where it all came together. This little exercise made me fall in love with my wardrobe and opening my closet door is a delight rather than ‘oh gawd, what am I going to wear today?’. Its when all the pieces started to work together.

 3 Tips For Embracing A Smaller Wardrobe |

But what I wanted to share today are the major benefits, I’ve personally discovered by having fewer clothes and why it takes the stress out of what to wear in the mornings. There is something so calming about opening my wardrobe and knowing that whatever piece I select, it will work with every other piece. It takes the stress out of what to wear in the mornings! Now that I’m a busy Mum anything that saves me time… I’m down for that!

Less clutter.

To me, having a capsule wardrobe is calming. Its less clutter and my wardrobe isn’t overflowing with unworn items. It brings a calm and peace into my life that spreads into other areas, like my home and the way I spend my time.

Less washing.

With a baby in the house, we have to wash a lot. But with a capsule, I only need to wash my clothes once a week and if I want I can really stretch it to two weeks. I’m gradually buying better quality pieces rather than fast fashion so each piece lasts longer.

Less options but more creativity.

Keeping a capsule is a powerful reminder that I can do more than I think I can with less. It’s helping me hone my styling and remixing skills. It also challenges me to remix what I already own rather than buying more clothes. Caroline over at Un-Fancy has a great 10×10 challenge to build your creativity. 

Tips for embracing a smaller wardrobe |

Tips for embracing a smaller wardrobe |

A few of my inspirations when it comes to capsules wardrobes are Courtney from Be More with Less, she believes in having a certain amount of pieces, 33 to be exact. Then for Caroline at Un-fancy its “…smaller closet, intentional purchases, less shopping, and more joy.”. Who wouldn’t want that!

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