The Summer Capsule Wardrobe Update

June 18, 2017
The perfect outfit formula for a summer capsule wardrobe update |

July marks the start of my Summer Capsule Wardrobe and I love the planning of selecting pieces that all work harmoniously together; it takes the stress out of what to wear in the mornings. This past month, I’ve spent some serious planning time on a Summer Capsule Wardrobe update. It was a really enlightening process and I’m in love with each piece. So if you are feeling a little uninspired with your wardrobe, keep on reading.

Never heard of a capsule wardrobe? Start by reading this article about How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe. Lots of good basic information there about creating a Capsule Wardrobe if you haven’t before.

So the first thing I did to update my Summer Capsule Wardrobe was to pull out all the stored summer clothes I had under the bed. I have a large under-bed storage drawer that holds off-season clothes. This is where all the heavy winter coats, knee high boots and chunky knit sweaters will be stored.

The perfect outfit formula for a summer capsule wardrobe update |

Next was to take a good look at what styles of clothes fit and look best on my figure. As you know, I have a little one who is now 8 months old and pregnancy changes your body shape. So I really needed to invest some time, trying on clothes to see what styles, silhouettes and shapes that fit my body. Currently, I’m not back to my pre-baby size and I’m SO over wearing maternity clothes that are now too big.

I spent a few weeks trawling my favourite stores like Whistles, Hobbs, Zara, Ted Baker and Karen Millen, trying on different outfit formulas to see what now suits my figure. The results were interesting. After trying on a zillion direct pieces and having to restrain myself from buying impulse pieces, I found that the below outfit formulas are what I felt most comfortable in and flattered my new body shape:

Formula 1 T-shirt + mid thigh shorts + sandals + statement necklace + blazer

Formula 2 A-line skirt + blouse + ballet flats + cardigan

Formula 3 Summer dress + cardigan + sandals

The perfect outfit formula for a summer capsule wardrobe update |


1 | Find silhouettes that suit my body shape

I have a habit of always reverting to the same styles, skinny jeans and tight very tops. But over the past few years, I’ve really grown out of fitted tight tops and my mandate was to add different shapes and silhouettes into my wardrobe.  I found some great A-line skirts at & Other Stories and could have seriously purchased about 10 of their skirts, but held back and just added in one black A-line skirt with a zipper at the front.

2 | Limit colours

I love a pop of colour like a bright pink or aqua, but I had so many pieces of random colours that none of the pieces I have actually worked together. So I narrowed down what colours I had in my wardrobe and chose just three accent colours: a baby blue, yellow and black.

3 | Add patterns and textures

A striped shirt? Its a staple in my personal style but I overcompensate in this area as I love stripes. I really needed to break this cycle and add other patterns and I picked up this black floral sundress from Dorothy Perkins. I opted for a lowered priced brand for this piece as it was a new silhouette and so far I’m loving the addition. The other addition was a floral, no sleeve blouse from H&M. Again a low quality and price item, but until I wear these styles more to see if I like the style, low price is fine.

The perfect outfit formula for a summer capsule wardrobe update |

4 | Buy quality pieces over quantity

Instead of spending at the huge department stores, I’m challenging myself to buy fewer pieces but with better quality. I have a habit of buying lots of low-quality pieces that fall apart after one season and this was about looking for quality pieces that will last longer. I ventured into & Other Stories after a recommendation from a friend and have added a black A-line skirt. Really, why did it take me so long?

The other consideration I needed to factor in is that we are in the middle of a huge move from London to Australia. When we arrive in Australia, it will be winter. So I’ve kept more trousers than I would normally for a Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

I think the best thing I’ve learnt from this update, is to plan purchases on paper first and ensure that each piece works with everything in your closet. Now when I decide on what to wear each morning, I know every piece works together.

How do you plan your Summer Capsule Wardrobe update?

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