How To Prove You’re Ready For That Promotion

March 9, 2017

Today’s the day to prove you are ready for that promotion. You’ve put in the time, go beyond expectations and constantly show up. So, when a new role opens up, with a higher salary, you know it has your name on it.

But landing a new role, especially with more responsibilities, takes more than just wishing for it and showing up. Whether it’s a new role at your current company or one that’s been left vacant, proving you are ready for that promotion is going to take some work.

So I wanted to share with my fool proof formula of what you can do today, to prove you are ready for that promotion.

How To Prove You Are Ready For That Promotion | Lisa Villaume


There’s nothing more powerful that talking about what you aspire to in your life, and that includes your career aspirations. It’s often said that what you focus on is what you attract. Next time you see a colleague (ahem boss) have a conversation about where you see your career going and maybe ask them how they got where you want to go. It’s a step closer to prove you are ready for that promotion.


The most successful business people are always a few steps ahead of the rest. Look at your boss’ manager. I’m sure that you will see them being two steps ahead of every situation. That is their job, but how could you also acquire this trait? Can you plan for the future, think of what your company needs in the next week, month or year and make plans to deliver it.


The only way to get what you’re worth is to stand out. And to stand out you need to over deliver. Over deliver on the projects you are working on, over deliver on the quality of the service you provide and over deliver on the value you contribute. Think of it this way, when your boss is looking at candidates, they will certainly look to you when they know that you always over deliver on the projects you manage. Over-delivering is a key way to prove you are ready for that promotion.


So you want to have ‘manager’ on your business card rather than ‘assistant’. Sweetheart, you need to prove you are ready for that promotion. You have everything you need inside you right now to be a manager, so act the part. Act like you can lead a team on a project and show those qualities that are needed in a manager. Take the lead on projects that interest you, ask to lead them if it is not offered. Then step up and act the part.


How To Prove You Are Ready For That Promotion | Lisa Villaume

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Love your company but hate the job? Can you see any tasks that need doing, that you feel passionate about? Go do that task. You can learn twice as much by doing and getting the experience than sitting waiting to be given the role you want. And when you do this often enough and act the part, over deliver and think about the big pictures, you craft your own role within the company that you love.

So, you want to prove you are ready for that promotion?

It’s all up to you and you can certainly do it.

When I got over my fear of leading projects and people, I started to take charge of the projects I was working on. I spoke up and actively contributed in meetings, I over delivered on the quality of my projects and always thought two steps ahead.

Stay consistent with this formula and you too will start seeing amazing results in your career and you will be able to prove you are ready for that promotion.

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