9 Spring Looks To Refresh Your Wardrobe

March 6, 2017
9 Spring Looks to Refresh Your Wardrobe |

Need some outfit inspiration to refresh your wardrobe? Today, I’ve collated 9 spring looks to refresh your wardrobe.

9 Spring Looks to Refresh Your Wardrobe |

There’s something about the spring air that makes me want to pull everything from my wardrobe and restyle my capsule wardrobe. I already have a capsule wardrobe, so now it’s all about updating a few old pieces with a few new spring looks and making new outfits with existing pieces.

When I started the whole capsule wardrobe thing, I totally subscribed to Caroline from Un-Fancys method of having 37 pieces. But over the past year, my closet has taken a few turns. For starters, I was pregnant and this created a whole new influx of different (and ultra comfy) clothes into my wardrobe as my waistline expanded.

Whilst I tried to keep the additions to a minimum, I did find it a bit challenging to stay stylish, but also comfortable. For the past year, it was all about comfort and no fuss. This meant jersey.

Jersey leggings, Jersey singlet, jersey dresses.

I’m so over jersey now and cringe when I see those pieces hanging in my wardrobe.

Now that our little boy is with us and I’m following the Tone It Up weekly schedule; it’s certainly time to spruce up my wardrobe with a few fresh pieces and retire the jersey.

So, I’ve spent a few hours pouring over my favourites blogs from Corporate Catwalk, Extra Petite, J’s Everyday Fashion, M Loves M, Pink Peonies and The Mix for some serious outfit inspiration.

Without further ado, here are my 9 spring looks to refresh your wardrobe.

Extra Petite

Glam Radar

j’s Everyday Fashion

The Mix

Pink Peonies

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