How To Make The Most Of Office Downtime

November 24, 2016

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and motivation at work is low and spirits are high as everyone focuses on the upcoming holidays. Everyone has their Christmas jumpers on and enjoying the Christmas music on the office speaker. What I love about this special time of year is that you can make the most of the office downtime as the work pace starts to slow down during December.

Here are a few ways to make the most of the office downtime and not fall into an unproductive slump:

How To Make The Most Of Office Downtime •

With the decreasing workflow in December, it’s the perfect time to get those projects you have been putting off all year. I know that the last thing I ever want to do is organise the pile of boxes under my desk with promotional material and product samples.

Organisation is one of the surest ways to set yourself up for success but it is not quickly done.

It will also keep more than your mind occupied by allowing you to move around and out of your desk chair. Put Spotify on you iPhone and listen to some of your favourite tunes or a podcast while you go about it.

Without lots of people to distract you at the office you can concentrate and think creatively whilst plan for the coming year.

Now’s the time to look over last year and identify any key projects that were put on the back burner and plan how you are going to achieve them in the new year.

Between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to review the year and plan next year and what you want to accomplish.

Fortune favours the prepared!

Need some help defining your goals? I’ve got you covered, download the free guide below!

Go on holidays, get out of your apartment and go explore. Change your environment and get some new experiences. Go anywhere that isn’t where you are. Someplace warmer, someplace colder, or a few hours from home.

Take the time to turn off your brain and take a break from work! You won’t be missed since many people are already taking the time off, and some companies close for the holidays.

One thing that I LOVE to do is plan vacations for coming year. My husband and I sit down and brainstorm all the places we would love to go, we debate and negotiate with each other and decide on four major places we want to go for the year. You see we love to travel together and it’s our time to reconnect and plan our explorations of the world.

We block out time in our calendars for each holiday then apply for leave. Knowing that about every two months we have another overseas adventure coming up keeps us motivated and something to look forward to.

You go a million miles a minute most of the time, seasonal holiday downtime is a great opportunity to slow down and have some quality time with your colleagues.

You can take the time to initiate quality conversations with your coworkers and work on team bonding. It’s a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and get to know them, initiate a conversation in the kitchen or hallway and get to know your colleagues.

This is a great exercise if you are a manager too!

With the holidays quickly approaching, be sure to make the most of your seasonal office downtime. There are so many ways to take advantage of the quiet office atmosphere you will be sure to recharge and feel refreshed.

I’d love to hear from you, comment below about your holiday plans!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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