​5 Epic Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Keep It

October 13, 2015
5 Epic Ways To Boost Confidence and Keep It

When someone exudes confidence, we want to work with them and are more likely to follow their lead so let’s cover the 5 epic ways to boost confidence and keep it.

Because let’s face it, without confidence, you won’t stand out, you won’t be assigned great projects and you’re less likely to be recognized or get raises, bonuses, and promotions. Boo to that!5 Epic Ways To Boost Confidence and Keep it | By being confident you are more productive, a good motivator and a role model to your colleagues. Here are 5 powerful ways to boost your confidence.


Just like Queen Beyonce, you got to believe in yourself and your abilities. That SO doesn’t happen overnight, but you can do this!

Tell yourself: I can do this, I’ve done it before and will this time too and own it! Remember a time when you were successful, nailed that interview, delivered an excellent speech or convinced your boss about a new strategy. Do this each time you doubt yourself and instantly banish the negative natter.

A small trick I use each evening is writing  in a journal. I keep track of my daily accomplishments and write down three things that went well that day – even if they are small things like taking out the trash when I absolutely did not want to.

Read over these when in doubt and remember that you’ve got this!


By being assertive you will be taken more seriously when you speak and act with conviction.

When being assertive, make sure you don’t appear arrogant, it’s a fine line.

During a performance appraisal, I used this technique. I was stating why I deserved a pay rise and when asked what the magical number was, I stated it without hesitation. I then backed it up with research on similar roles in the same industry and what I had contributed over the past year above my job description.

I got the pay-rise. Whoot!


Don’t compare your journey with someone else’s, this is your life and no-one has walked the exact same path.

Don’t beat yourself up or give up when you hit your first set back or if someone else has beaten you to the corner office. Confidence emerges from time-honored good work combined with a great attitude.

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Focus on how you can provide solutions rather than spending all your time on the problem. Be resilient, get over it and focus on the solution.

Colleagues are drawn to those with an upbeat attitude, especially when challenges emerge and it can easily start from within. It’s contagious, once you start focusing on the solution those around you will join in to help solve the problem, even your boss.

It will also project confidence; a key trait you want for your personal image.


Try something new and overcome a fear.

Perhaps it’s speaking up more in meetings, volunteering to lead a new project, signing up for a race, talking to someone new or sitting at the front of the table. The more you do this, the more you’ll feel like you can take on the world.
When someone exudes confidence, we want to work with them and more likely to follow their lead.

By being confident you are more productive, a good motivator and make a great role model to your colleagues.

IMPORTANT: What snazzy technique do you use to boost your confidence when you need it most? Share your top 3 techniques in the comments below with as much details as possible. You never know who you may help!

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