• Getting Into Shape Post Baby | lisavillaume.com

    Getting in Shape Post-Baby

    It’s been a year post-baby and definitely about time I got back into shape. Today, I’m sharing my plan on how I'm getting back in shape post-baby including the 5 mandates I’m setting myself.…

    November 23, 2017
  • How To Find Your Decor Style | Lisa Villaume

    How To Find Your Decor Style

    So I thought I’d share my plan on how to find your decor style as this is how I am tackling decorating my office. It's my own little space where I can have brass…

    November 2, 2017

    Tips For Embracing a Smaller Wardrobe

    If you are struggling with making your own capsule wardrobe or just can’t seem to grasp the benefits, here are four major benefits I’m digging about embracing a smaller wardrobe.…

    October 25, 2017