5 Life Changing Morning Habits • lisavillaume.com

5 Life Changing Morning Habits

What we do in the morning, sets the scene for the rest of the day and in turn, the quality of our life. Supercharge your day with these five life changing morning habits.…

May 12, 2016
How To Bounce Back From Failure • lisavillaume.com

How To Bounce Back After A Set Back

Recently I was looking at ways to bounce back after a slip up and found this great article that gave me the strength to keep my chin up and keep going. Bouncing back after failure builds your inner strength and couldn't wait to share…

May 5, 2016
8 essential digital tools for girls on the go

8 Essential Digital Tools For Girls On The Go

As our day to day life becomes more hectic from your 9-5 job and working on your side hustle, it’s even more more important to plan your week better and leave you with more time to actually see friends. Here is a list of…

April 28, 2016
Why You Don't Have To Be Perfect To Succeed - lisavillaume.com

Why You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Succeed

Life’s not perfect, its going to throw you curve balls, people get sick unexpectedly, you get fired, your latest marketing campaign has gone to the toilet. It happens. But I always thought I had to be perfect to please the people around me, my…

April 14, 2016
Golden Gate bridge

Life Lately: Pregnancy and the Game Developers Conference

Since mid-February life has taken a huge change. You may have noticed that there have been no new blogs posts in a while and that’s because my husband and I found out we are expecting our first child. Each time I say that, my…

March 31, 2016

Help Shape The Future of LV.com

This year is all about creating valuable content for you! I am in the process of updating the site with some fabulous new content and it’s really important to know what you are thinking right now and the challenges you are facing in your…

February 1, 2016
Is It Possible To Put Your Needs First And Choose Yourself?

Can You Choose Yourself And Put Your Needs First?

Choosing yourself isn't as self centred as it sounds. It's actually a lot of practical ideas to live a full-filled life like improving your health, having good emotional health, carefully selecting your peers, and improving your spiritual health by expressing gratitude.…

January 28, 2016

How To Stop Caring What People Think About You

There will always be people - no matter what we say or how we treat them - that will judge us. You wont be able to stop the judging, but you can stop caring about what others think of you and letting them have…

January 14, 2016

Winter 2016 Fashion Wishlist

As I'm still on a spending hiatus when it comes to fashion; here is what I'm craving for my winter fashion wish-list so far that is perfect for the career woman.…

January 4, 2016